We regularly work with exit planners who have clients that are looking to buy or sell a business. We know that buying or selling a business is one of the most impactful events of your client’s life, and it’s important to know who to turn to for advice. We’ve been in the business of matching buyers and sellers for more than 115 years and know what it takes to create win-win deals for everyone involved. 

Is your client thinking about selling, but not ready to pull the trigger yet? It’s the perfect time to connect. We often help buyers and sellers well before the time of sale define their priorities, understand the factors involved in a business sale, and lay the groundwork for success.

Here are a few resources we gladly offer you and your clients:

  1. A free and confidential business valuation
  2. A copy of our book A Simple Introduction to Selling Your Business
  3. Numerous articles available on our blog 
  4. Our latest Deal Story booklet for true stories of how deals come together

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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