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When you want confidence and peace of mind in the selling process, Calhoun is here to help.

We understand that what happens to it next is important to you. You can be confident that we’ll work hard to find the right person to take over your legacy and make sure it's in good hands.

Selling your business is a significant and complex financial deal. Our knowledge and care ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible. We listen, learn, apply our expertise, and prioritize your needs.

We will walk with you through planning an exit strategy, succession planning, and understanding what your next steps look like.

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Our Services

Business Brokerage

Our talented team of experienced brokers have an average of 10-plus years working with Calhoun Companies. They understand what it takes to bring the sale of a privately owned, independent business to a successful close.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our team of M&A Advisors has the experience and connections to successfully guide the sale or merger of companies with profits greater than $1,000,000. Whether to strategic, financial buyers or to private equity groups, Calhoun Companies is aligned to get the deal done.

Commercial Real Estate

Our team of experienced agents provides a complete range of services related to buying, selling and leasing commercial real estate. Through our extensive professional network, we assist in the purchase/sale of retail, office and industrial properties that typically sell between $1,000,000 to $50,000,000+.

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If you are considering selling your business, there is a lot to consider, but top of mind will be this question: "How much is my business worth?" Unlike most business brokers, we offer that service for FREE. Submit your details and we’ll be in touch within 24 hrs.

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Our Process

Planning to Sell Your Business

Identify business goals and needs

Analyze the market and financial statements

Conduct a business valuation

List your business on national and international databases

Create your marketing and promotion plan

Find the Perfect Buyer

Develop a prospect list

Screen inquiries

Identify qualified buyers

Create confidentiality agreements

Validate buyer interest

Determine the best matches

Negotiate Your Business Sale

Arrange and conduct the buyer meeting

Respond to buyer questions

Handle negotiations

Draft an agreement in principle

Closing the Sale of Your Business

Coordinate due diligence and financing

Resolve issues

Aid in drafting the purchase agreement

Review documents

Arrange closing activities


Average deals closed yearly


Experienced brokers


Upfront seller fees

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How much is my business really worth?

The value of your business will be based on several factors including the market value of assets, earning potential, cash flow, and return on investment. Other considerations include the terms and structure of the deal.

Sell a Business

When is the best time to sell my business?

Ideally, the best time to sell your business is when sales and profits are up and financing is available for buyers. However, determining the best time to sell a business is based on more than just profit potential.

Sell a Business
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  1. When is the best time to sell my business
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  3. Who should I sell my business to?
  4. Should I sell my business to a family member?

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