Deal Story: Preparation Makes Peace of Mind

Planning for retirement as a business owner means that you’re not only thinking about your personal future, but the future of your company as well. It can feel overwhelming at times, but with the right preparation and an experienced professional by your side, your business’s transition to new ownership and your transition into retirement can be easy.

Abraham and Aster Dalu, owners of A&A Reliable Home Health Care, can attest to the importance of preparation. When they began to look at their retirement plan, they realized that it involved selling their business and returning to their real passion - academia. To prepare for the eventual transition, they connected with Calhoun Companies agent Shaun Jackson to discuss their business and the industry at large. That conversation set them up for a smooth transition when the time was right.

“When you’re selling a business, preparation is crucial,” says Shaun. “Having a conversation with an agent well in advance of the sales process helps you clarify your goals, know what areas of your business to improve, and helps you get in the right mindset to sell.”

A few years after their initial meeting, Abraham and Aster called Shaun. They were finally ready to sell. The deal itself progressed quickly since Shaun knew exactly what they were looking for and had kept his eyes out for potential buyers over the years.

“We not only have conversations with sellers," explains Shaun. “I also connect with potential buyers about what types of businesses they would be interested in purchasing and keep in touch with them for years. When I have a business that seems like a good fit, I reach out to them first. The ultimate goal is to find the best possible match between buyers and sellers.”

Once Shaun got in contact with the buyer, Abraham and Aster had a meeting and an accepted offer within a week. Even better, Shaun was able to get the Dalus their full list price with no seller financing.

“Having Mr. Shaun Jackson as our broker in our business sale has been a blessing to us,” says Abraham. “It gave us true peace of mind knowing that he will handle every related issue with high integrity. He coached us throughout the process with unparalleled skills and a wealth of knowledge about the industry.”

Abraham adds, “If I have to do it all over again, I will enthusiastically go with him.”