Deal Story: Help is on the Way

Many business owners become jacks of all trades by necessity, mastering everything from finances, to HR activities, to advertising, to web development, all while running the day-to-day logistics of their companies. While the arrangement can work well for ongoing needs, when success really matters, asking for help may be the best decision for your business.

Tom Johnson, the owner of LevALERT, can attest to the importance of calling in the experts. After deciding he was ready to retire, he began to search for a qualified buyer that could take his business to a new level. Despite an initial conversation with Calhoun Companies agent Jim Underwood, Tom was determined to sell his business on his own. But, after a year on the market, he realized it was time to ask for help. He reached back out to Jim and signed a listing contract.

“While business owners can certainly sell their own companies, the time commitment alone can be detrimental to both their day-to-day business operations and to the deal process,” explains Jim. “Selling a business is a full-time effort and should be done by a professional that knows the process and can screen interested parties. Having a team of professionals by your side makes all the difference.”

Calhoun Companies immediately got to work, looking for buyers that matched what Tom was looking for – a buyer that could build on his legacy and help his business thrive far into the future. Shortly after the business hit the market, Tom received two offers. He opted to sell his business to a family that already ran a successful company in the same industry. The deal structure provided a slightly lower up-front cash down payment, but included two years of incentives to potentially push the pricing well over and above the original asking price.

By bringing in the experts, Tom was able to protect his time and his confidentiality, all while quickly selling his company for the highest and best price. Tom could retire knowing his legacy is in good hands.