Bob Cardinal

Occupied in Real Estate since 1990, Bob Cardinal has been associated with Calhoun Companies   since January, 1992. As a licensed Real Estate Broker in Minnesota and also licensed in Wisconsin, Cardinal’s primary responsibilities at Calhoun include sourcing and manage control equity transactions.  Cardinal fosters leading entrepreneurial acquisitions including due diligence of new investments. Cardinal has an entrepreneurial spirit and uses that approach when selling businesses; locally, regionally and nationwide.  Cardinal is a big fan of “The E-myth principles.”

Mr. Cardinal’s experience prior to Calhoun included insurance with Prudential as a licensed agent and has held a securities license during his time with Calhoun Companies. Bob Cardinal’s education includes a B.A. in liberal arts from the University of St. Thomas with graduate study at the University of Minnesota.

Bob Cardinal served three years on active duty in the United States Marine Corps obtaining the rank of Captain.

He is married to wife, Sharon, and they have six children. Cardinal lives in Maplewood, Minnesota (home of 3M). Mr. Cardinal elected twice Mayor of Maplewood and served from 1999 through  2005. In 2011, Mr. Cardinal was elected and served four years as a member of the City Council for the city of Maplewood, MN.

For leisure, Cardinal Coached baseball for several of his children’s teams (both boys and girls), now watches and continues to play softball.  Cardinal is an active member of St. Paul Rotary Club #10.


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  4. All information shall be promptly returned or destroyed, as directed by us or The Company.
  5. It is understood that (a) no representation or warranties are being made as to the completeness or accuracy of any information and (b) any and all representations and warranties shall be made solely by The Company in a signed acquisition agreement or purchase contract and then be subject to the provisions thereof.
  6. The undersigned acknowledges the responsibility to perform a due diligence review at his own cost and expense prior to any acquisition.
  7. The respective obligations of the parties under this agreement shall survive for a period of two years following the date hereof.


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