Find Out How Much Your Business is Worth


Whether you're considering selling your $500K-$15MM yearly revenue business, or not, knowing how much your business is worth is valuable information for an owner to have. Whether using your business valuation to set a sale price or as a benchmark for future growth goals, knowing how much what you've built is worth, is worth a lot.

What You'll Get With Your Free Business Valuation:

  1. Complete Confidentiality... always.
  2. A realistic valuation based on current and forecasted market and business performance.
  3. Consideration of tangible and intangible assets.
  4. A complete understanding of the elements that determine business value, and how you can improve them.
  5. An understanding of Calhoun Companies’ process and how we can help you sell your business, whether that time is soon or years down the road.

Be fully informed. When it comes to your business, knowledge is power.

How Much Is My Business Worth?

We know other companies charge a lot for this service, but we're not like other companies.