You (and Your Business) Need a Vacation

You (and Your Business) Need a Vacation

By Andy Kocemba

It’s spring break time across the country.  While this spring certainly seems more hopeful than the last, it feels like we are all still living under a more heightened level of anxiety than we’re used to. We need a vacation. 

Regardless of where your opinion falls regarding the virus, down time and rest are important.  So, whether it’s simply unplugging for a week at home, jumping in the car and hitting the open road, or taking a masked-up trip to Disney World, spending some time away is crucial to your physical and mental health.

And, there’s a benefit many people don’t realize -- taking a vacation can not only benefit you, but also can benefit your business. Here's how:

  1. The most obvious benefit of a vacation is the personal relaxation and lowering of stress levels. But, think about how that impacts your work life once you return to the office.  Most people find themselves recharged and ready to run their companies with new enthusiasm. This energy pours itself into positive change and momentum within your company, and also spreads to the employees who look to you for guidance and inspiration. 
  2. Time away can provide a business owner with the peace, quiet, and space to focus some thought on strategy. Getting away from the daily demands, “fires”, and urgencies can free the mind to focus on big picture questions like, “Where am I taking my business?”, “What are my goals for this year?”, and “What improvements can I be making to grow my company?”. 
  3. Time away gives your staff and processes a chance to refine themselves independent of your involvement. Companies that function at a high level independent of owner involvement are worth more. Prior to taking some time off, document the way your business should run in your absence. Now, give your staff some time to practice. We always say that companies that run better with the owner on vacation are worth much more than those that don’t. 

There you have it.  Now you are out of excuses and have no choice but to get out there and enjoy a little rest and relaxation.  Properly executed, time away will benefit you, your family, and your business. Enjoy it. 


  1. Vacations benefit both you AND your business.
  2. Demonstrating that your business can run without you makes it much more valuable.
  3. Taking time to unplug can help you think about the big picture and come back recharged and ready to enact positive change.