By Calhoun Companies

Andy Kocemba, president and CEO of Calhoun Companies, has spent his career advising current and potential business owners looking to sell or purchase a company. He recently compiled his industry-leading expertise into two books - Selling Your Business and Buying a Business.

Here’s a few of his insights:

1. What inspired you to write the books?

I wrote these books to help business buyers and sellers better prepare for their eventual purchase or sale. Through the years, we have seen many people begin the process without being fully ready for all it would entail.  By understanding the process and having their ducks in a row, buyers and sellers will better anticipate each step of the process and be in a better position to maximize the success of their transaction.

2. What’s the best way for people to use the books?

These books are designed to be simple and easy to use. They layout a no-nonsense overview of the buying and selling process, from first thoughts to life after the sale.  Each book includes a workbook section for the reader to easily transfer what they’ve read to the real world. They were written for people serious about buying or selling a business. 

3. How can people get a copy of the books?

Contact the Calhoun Companies main office at 952.831.3300.

4. Do you have any additional advice for current or potential small business owners?

The name of the game is “be prepared.”  The more you know about what you are in for, the more easily you can cruise through the process, and the more successful and beneficial the outcome. 

5. What advice do you have for anyone considering writing a business book?

Make helping people your goal. It seems to me that business books are often written just to make a splash and sell copies. I wonder how many actually make a lasting impact on people. The most genuine and effective information you can communicate as an author will come from using your expertise to help people.

6. Do you have any plans for additional books in the future?

Nothing at the moment, but I’ll know when the need arises.  For now I’m committed to putting my existing books to work and making sure they benefit as many people as possible.

7. Has writing these books helped you in your own business? How so?

These books have been a natural support to the main service our business provides.  At my company, we are focused on the transaction where a buyer and seller come together to transition a business. These books help both parties be better prepared, which leads to smoother and more successful transactions, which in turn allows us as a company to do more. These books are also drawing many more people at earlier stages of the process to our company, which is a great thing.