Greg and Julie Tweed, owners of Always There Staffing, were not quite ready to sell their business when they first talked with Calhoun Companies agent, Jim Underwood. That all changed a year later. When one of the owners experienced a serious health concern, they decided it was time to retire and spend more time with their children and grandchildren. Luckily, Julie kept Jim’s number and reached out to him to begin the sales process. 

Even though they were stepping away from their business, Greg and Julie wanted to ensure that their legacy would continue. They asked Jim to find a buyer that would keep their current staff in place and continue to run the business as is. It wasn’t a hard ask since the business was already in fantastic shape and running smoothly. It had a solid team as well as strong financials and infrastructure.

“When a business is successful, it’s not necessarily hard to find a buyer who will keep everything in place,” explains Jim. "Many buyers are looking for turnkey companies and aren’t going to alter a winning formula.”

Unsurprisingly, Always There Staffing received strong interest from the market. Inquiries poured in from around the U.S.

“Even after screening the inquiries, there were several qualified buyers to bring to the table,” says Jim. “It seemed like we were doing conference calls with prospects every evening since we couldn’t do them during normal business hours due to confidentiality.”

Greg and Julie ultimately ended up with five offers, some even coming in over their asking price. While it led to a bit of a challenge selecting which offer to commit to, ultimately, Greg and Julie were able to walk away knowing their business was in good hands and their legacy was secure.