Deal Story: Selling a Legacy

Business owners can be reluctant to truly step away from their companies due to a concern for both their legacy and the longevity of their business. In many cases, building up their business has been their life’s work. Stepping away and trusting a stranger to treat their business with the same respect is a lot to ask. That was the case for Tom and Heidi Johnson, owners of Johnson & Sons Florist. The company had been in the family for more than 80 years, but the time had come to sell it and move on. They did have one requirement however – the business needed to be sold to a buyer that would help continue its legacy.

After deciding to sell their business, Tom and Heidi began to look for a business broker that could make them feel like they were in good hands. A colleague of theirs had recently tried to sell a business and had a terrible experience, so any broker they chose had a lot to live up to. After finding Calhoun Companies online while looking for information on valuations, they were connected with Shaun Jackson.

“After meeting him in person, we knew we were in great hands,” says Tom. “He was amazing, even answering messages in the middle of the night from our buyer who was in a different time zone. He made our sale happen by keeping everyone on track with his knowledge and great personality.”

The listing came together easily. The financials were in order and there was enough business infrastructure to command a premium price, which put the Johnson & Sons Florist in an ideal place to begin the sales process. And, when a synergistic buyer expressed interest in the business, Shaun Jackson was there the help guide the entire process.

John P., the buyer, was impressed by his commitment, enthusing, “He is truly one of the most responsive and professional brokers I’ve ever worked with. A lot of agents will respond when it’s convenient, but Shaun was actively engaged the entire time and put his clients’ needs first. As a buyer, I’m always surprised by how many sellers’ agents are slow to reply to my inquiries. Shaun didn’t miss a beat and that’s a major reason why we ended up acquiring his client’s business.”

The relationship and trust that developed between Jackson, the buyer, and the seller, kept the process moving smoothly. At the end, everyone felt satisfied with the results of the deal. The buyer, John, is the proud owner of a successful company. And the sellers, Tom and Heidi have both time to enjoy travelling and visiting family and peace of mind knowing that Johnson & Sons Florist will continue to thrive.