Deal Story: Patience Pays Off

After more than 30 years in business, it was finally time for Dale Doriott and Wade Wasvick, owners of Injection Molding Solutions, to retire and spend more time with their families. But, after watching over their company and employees for so long, they weren’t ready to sell to just anyone. They wanted to make sure the company would be left in a position to grow and continue to provide employment opportunities for both their employees and the broader community. They turned to Shaun Jackson to make it happen.

The business itself was in excellent shape. The financials were in order, there was enough infrastructure to command a premium price, and there was even inventory included in the deal. Once the business hit the market, Shaun expertly guided the sellers through the process, including several starts and stops as well as offers that weren’t what the seller was looking for.

Dale Doriott, former owner of Injection Molding Solutions explains, “Shaun was brilliant, patient, fearless, knowing, and committed to the success of both the seller and the buyer. His vision and experience was immediately apparent in our early meetings and as the buyers lined up, he chose the ones that best fit. When buyers would send offers that were below our standards, Shaun would professionally let the potential buyer know that these kinds of things would not be acceptable. He had our back every step of the way.

Shaun adds, “The business was healthy and would be a great asset to the right buyer. The seller just needed to be patient and wait for the right fit.”

The right buyer turned out to be a private equity group that owned a company that was synergistic. By purchasing Injection Molding Solution and pairing up the two companies, the buyer could save a huge amount financially. The due diligence process took some time, but both the buyer and seller knew it was a great fit and were committed to getting the deal done.

Now, Injection Molding Solutions is in good hands, the buyer is happy with their purchase, and Dale and Wade can spend time with their families and work on creative inventions in their free time.