Deal Story: Painting a Masterpiece

Business owners sell for various reasons, but one of the most common is that the owner is moving. That was the case for a paint and repair shop in the Twin Cities that was recently sold by our agent, Bob Warrick. The owner was getting ready to move to the West Coast and needed to sell their business ahead of the move. However, time was not their only consideration. The owner also wanted to make sure their customers and business relationships would be taken care of by whoever ended up buying the business.

The seller spoke with several business brokers and ultimately decided to work with Calhoun Companies because of Bob Warrick’s value proposition, professionalism and responsiveness.

“While we knew we were working on a timeline due to the owner’s upcoming move, the business was in a great position for the market,” says Warrick. “It had enough infrastructure to command a premium price, the financials were in order, and there was inventory that would be included in sale. That meant that we were able to price the business to achieve the perfect balance between a quick sale and a premium sale.”

Because the business was healthy and ready for the market, a deal shaped up quickly and was completed seamlessly. A synergistic buyer quickly stepped forward. They were leaving a larger company and dreamed of owning their own business. Both parties were easy to work with, came into the process with realistic expectations, were energetic, and were excited to make the transition happen quickly. At the end of the process, both parties got exactly what they wanted. The buyer can now live out their dream of owning a healthy business, and the seller can complete their move with no regrets.