Deal Story: Manufacturing a Deal

Andy Kocemba

Leadership changes can be opportunities for former owners to cement their legacy and help their businesses thrive, even as they step away. When Tom McChesney, owner of UMA Precision Machining Company, decided to retire to Arizona, he wanted to ensure his business could continue growing. He turned to Calhoun Companies agents Duane Johnson and Chris Lappen to help him find an experienced buyer.

Knowing the business was priced for a premium sale and the owner wanted to find someone with industry knowledge, Duane and Chris dug in to find the right fit, expanding their search online and into neighboring states. Eventually, Duane and Chris found a buyer in St. Louis with an M&A background who was looking to acquire a metal manufacturer – exactly what UMA Precision Machining Company does. The connection was unique and natural, and after a visit to the site, the deal was done.

By facilitating this connection, our agents created a deal in which all parties won. Tom McChesney gets to spend more time in Arizona while knowing his business is in good hands, the buyer was able to purchase a thriving company in their preferred industry, and UMA Precision Machining Company is positioned for growth under experienced leadership.