Deal Story: Hooking a Deal

Sometimes the call of a new adventure is irresistible. If you are a business owner though, you have to sell your business before you can answer that call. That was the case for George Wells and Mike Auspos, the owners of Wells Catering. With a lease ending, it was the perfect time to sell their business as soon as possible and pursue their new dreams, including becoming a fishing guide. They enlisted Calhoun Companies agent Brian Aagaard to help them find a buyer.

“Before we listed the business, we determined that the seller’s main goal was to get a deal done quickly,” says Aagaard. “As a result, we chose a price would be appealing enough to encourage a buyer to meet that timeline.”

Ultimately, the ideal fit turned out to be a synergistic buyer looking to grow his own business. Both sides worked closely with the buyer’s attorney and were ultimately able to come to an agreement that adhered to the seller’s quick timeline while also allowing the buyer to take over ahead of the lease’s end and not lose any business.

Now both buyer and seller can live their respective dreams – expanding a business and searching for the next big fish.