Deal Story: The Grass Can be Greener

Change rarely happens overnight. It takes most business owners years of preparation before they launch their companies - and decades to grow them. The same time and consideration should go into selling the company and moving on to the next phase of your life. Dave Gabbert, owner of Guaranteed Lawn Care, was well aware of the importance of taking his time. After close to 60 years in business, he was ready to find a synergistic buyer to take over and continue his legacy while he prepared for retirement. Luckily, he had already laid the groundwork for a successful transition.

Dave first spoke with Calhoun Companies years ago to get a business valuation and discuss timing for a future sale. He connected with Shaun Jackson, and throughout the years they stayed in touch, building a strong professional relationship.

When Dave came to Shaun saying, “I’m ready to sell,” Shaun knew exactly what to look for. He turned to his extensive network, reaching out to a buyer, Michael, that he had worked with in previous years. Once the listing went live, Michael and Dave were able to schedule a meeting and move quickly to get the deal done. The offer was made, and accepted within two weeks.

Michael, the buyer, explains that, “Shaun is very knowledgeable and professional in his approach. He provided all information requested to make our decision, and explained to the seller how we came up with our offer and our reasoning on the value. He was timely in his response, and helped both sides come to an agreement”

Dave adds, “Shaun's experience and coaching proved to be very valuable, and his immediate response to ongoing events and professionalism were the finest one can expect.