Deal Story: Feeling the Synergy

It’s not unusual for a business owner to decide to sell their company to pursue other dreams. Katie Bright, owner of Mount Financial Services, Inc. was in exactly that boat when she decided to sell her company. Katie wanted more flexibility to pursue her goal of becoming a financial planner, but lacked the time to achieve that goal while still running her accounting business. Luckily, our agent, Shaun Jackson, was there to help.

“From the start of the process, we knew that not just any buyer would do,” said Shaun. “We needed to find a buyer that would be capable of absorbing the current client base while still providing a high level of service.”

To find the ideal synergistic buyer, Shaun reached out to previous contacts in the accounting industry and quickly received interest. Then, COVID hit. While the initial phases of the sales process were interrupted by COVID, Shaun quickly identified an opportunity to make the business even more appealing to potential buyers.

“It became apparent that businesses that could adjust to doing things virtually would be in much higher demand,” explained Shaun. “It took some time, but we were able to build virtual capabilities for the business, and the offers followed.”

The business ultimately ended up with two offers, one of which was clearly the right fit. From there, things moved quickly. It took just over 45 days from receiving the offer to closing the deal. Now, Katie feels like a huge load has been lifted off her shoulders, freeing her up to pursue her new dreams.