It’s never too early to get in touch with Calhoun Companies - whether you are looking to sell your business now, or within the next few years. The best business brokers will help you prepare your business for a sale, provide you with a free valuation, or even guide you through selling real estate. Tim and Amy Jo Matros, owners of Serenity Living, found that an early connection with Calhoun Companies agent Jim Underwood prepared them to execute their two-phase business plan.

Jim Underwood first connected with Tim Matros more than a year before they ultimately ended up working together. While the Matros’ appreciated Jim’s proactive approach, they weren’t ready to take the first step. Jim didn’t mind and remained in touch, occasionally checking-in with them just to say hi and see how their business was doing. When the time came for Tim and Amy to execute phase one of their business plan, selling one of their locations and purchasing a new property closer to their main building, they knew just who to call.

“Building a relationship with a business broker is a great way to get started in the sales process, no matter if you’re planning to sell in three months or three years,” explains Jim. “Relationships matter to all of the team at Calhoun Companies. We’re here to help you be successful, not to pressure you to sell your business before you are ready.”

After Tim and Amy reached out to Jim saying “we’re ready,” Jim got to work on their behalf. While looking through lists of previous buyers of assisted living facilities, he recalled that one of the buyers had shown interest in the Matros’ property in the past. Jim connected with the potential buyer to gauge their interest and served as a point of contact between the two parties for the entirety of the deal.

Due to the calculated nature of the sale, it was simple for Jim to pull a deal together.  He negotiated a premium price and a quick closing, achieving both the Matros’ financial and timeline objectives.

Ultimately, the deal was a success. Tim and Amy appreciated Jim’s diligence throughout their time working together. As they head into the second phase of their business plan - purchasing an additional building near their main facility - they know that Jim is on their side and only a call away.