3 Business Tips from a Disney World Trip

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to get away with my dad and brother-in-law for a little guy’s weekend to Disney World. You might be asking, what do three adult men do and learn on a Disney trip without their wives and kids?

I was reminded that I can move much faster without pushing a stroller, that roller coasters are still fun, and that going to restaurants can be more relaxing without the kids. But, you might have guessed that.

What about business lessons? If you haven’t, I encourage all of you to observe the Disney operation from an adult and business perspective. Here are the take-aways from this recent trip that I am inspired to bring to my office.

1. Keep it behind the scenes

During our stay, Christmas decorations were being set up. Only I never actually saw them being set up. I woke one morning to find a 5-story tall Christmas tree in the lobby of the hotel. The tree was not there the night before.

At Disney, there is a commitment to keeping certain things behind the scenes in order to control a visitor’s experience. They even go so far as to call all employees “cast members,” implying that everything they do is a presentation for the guests.

What aspects of your business might be better kept “behind the scenes?” How can you create a more polished and intentional presentation for your clients and customers?

2. Consider the details

Do you ever walk into a business and immediately have confidence in their operation? Something about the cleanliness of their office or the organization of their products makes you feel comfortable doing business with them.

In no place is this truer than on a Disney property. The phrase “so clean you could eat off the floor” comes to mind. Not only is the place clean, but every detail is considered and point of view examined.

Sit down in the reception chairs in your lobby. What are your guests looking at? Do you have a well-ordered reception area with a television or reading materials, or are their eyes drawn to frayed carpet or crooked pictures on the wall? Whether it’s valid or not, your clients and customers will judge you partially based on these details.

3. Make it easy to do business with you

Each time I visit a Disney property, they make it easier for me to be there. For example, their current technology provides me with a wristband with which I can open my hotel room, charge purchases to my room, pay for food at restaurants and snack stands, use a dining plan if I have purchased one, and collect the photos taken of me on rides and other attractions. During my entire visit my wallet and keys stayed locked up in my room.

I’ve always thought a vacation with empty pockets is the best vacation.

Now, you might not have the technology budget Disney does, but you can certainly think of small ways to make it easier for people to do business with you. Accepting multiple forms of payment, offering subscription services for repeat orders, sending or emailing reminders to customers due for service, online scheduling and mobile responsive websites are a few of the many ways you can make a customer’s experience easy, which will keep them coming back time and time again.

I really could go on and on about all Disney does that is amazing from an adult’s perspective — the way they control crowds, transport large amounts of people from parking to attractions, create atmosphere and ambiance that engages all of your senses. If you get a chance, visit a Disney property and take some mental notes to bring back to the office.